State police say a local man was arrested twice in a little less than three hours for driving while intoxicated early Sunday.

Stories like this are bound to draw attention to controversial "catch and release" policies within the state, as some question how repeat offenders are back out on the streets only to commit the same offense again.

If this scenario sounds familiar, a very similar incident played out just the other week where a woman from New York State woman got busted twice for an alleged DWI in just under three hours.

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Newburgh Man Busted Twice For Alleged DWI

The New York State Police said in a press release that a 38-year-old Newburgh man was seen at approximately 4:16 AM traveling east on Broadway. The press release says he was stopped by troopers after he was seen drifting into the opposite lane. Upon an investigation, troopers determined he was drunk and arrested the suspect.

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Police say he refused to provide a breath sample and was charged with DWI. He was then given a ticket and eventually released.

The Same Guy Gets Arrested Again 

But right around 7 the very same morning, the same suspect was behind the wheel of the same vehicle on First Street in the city of Newburgh. A trooper observed the same motorist commit another traffic violation and pulled him over. State police say it was determined that he was still impaired by alcohol, and he was arrested again.


Troopers say this time he provided a BAC, which registered .09%. And this was three hours after his first arrest, so one has to wonder what his BAC might have been at that time had he complied.

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