New York State is putting money up to make sure residents have access to training to work in the adult-use marijuana industry. The New York State Cannabis Connect just recently held its 'Catch A Cont@ct' job fair for people interested in working in the industry. Now, the state is helping make sure that people can get the training they need to work in the infant legal industry.

How Can You Get Training To Work In The Adult-Use Cannabis Industry in New York State?

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On Monday, July 18, 2022, Governor Kathy Hochul announced that the $5 million will go to SUNY and CUNY community colleges to help fund the creation or enhancement of short-term programs that give students credentials or opportunities to work in the cannabis industry. Both degree-eligible and non-degree programs will be created, along with stackable credentials, and micro-credentials.


The goal of these programs is to supply the projected multi-billion dollar industry with skilled employees quickly. The state estimates that the adult-use cannabis industry in New York will create tens of thousands of jobs.

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Gov. Hochul said,

New York's new cannabis industry is creating exciting opportunities, and we will ensure that New Yorkers who want careers in this growing sector have the quality training they need to be successful," Governor Kathy Hochul said. "Diversity and inclusion are what makes New York's workforce a competitive, powerful asset, and we will continue to take concrete steps to help ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in the cannabis industry.

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