New York State has reached a new milestone when it comes to legalized marijuana. Now, certain people are able to legally grow cannabis at home. No one said it would be quick or easy, right? Although cannabis is legal in New York State now, for both medical and adult-use, the process has not been super quick. There are many steps that the state has taken to begin establishing the cannabis industry.

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Medical Marijuana Patients And Caregivers Can Legally Grow Marijuana In NY

Medical cannabis has been legally available to New Yorkers through the State’s medical marijuana program since 2014.

Even though medical marijuana has been legal for almost a decade in New York State, it has been less than a year since it became legal for patients and caregivers to grow medical marijuana at home.

Only certified patients (patients) and designated caregivers (caregivers) 21 years of age or older, registered with the medical cannabis program can cultivate (grow) medical cannabis.

While people over the age of 18 can purchase medical marijuana, New York law says that they are not permitted to grow it at home.

To participate in home cultivation, patients under the age of 21, or whose physical or cognitive impairments prevent them from cultivating cannabis, would need to designate a caregiver to grow medical cannabis on their behalf.


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