We've all heard the news every night, unfortunately. Violent crimes are skyrocketing across New York City. Now, one bar in Patchogue is drawing a lot of criticism for what many are saying is an attempt to make light of the tragic gun violence. And according to the NY Post, this same bar as already attracted its share of heat in the past.

The Post says The Cliffton in Patchogue had people place bets over how many shootings would take place over Labor Day Weekend in both NYC and Chicago. The way it works is that betters would get to buy a box with the predicted number on it, and the one who's closest to actual the amount of shootings wins. Newsday says the winner would get a cash prize.

This promotion has drawn outrage from many, especially those who have lost loved ones to gun violence. Others added that the pool completely degrades human life.

Suffolk police told Newsday they are investigating the pool.

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