Taco Bell is revamping its menus by getting rid of fan-favorite items.

2020, we don't need any more bad news. But apparently, Taco Bell doesn't care because they've announced they'll be removing menu items. According to CNN,  Taco Bell will be getting rid of five more menu items.

The five menu items that are being removed are the shredded chicken soft taco, shredded chicken burrito, and shredded chicken quesadilla melt, pico de gallo, and Mexican Pizza. These menu items will be eliminated on November 5, according to CNN. Taco Bell did offer some reassurance, saying that there will be new innovations and that it's the last time they will change the menu. Some of the new innovations are a Dragonfruit Freeze and a chicken chipotle melt.

In July, we reported that Taco Bell eliminated nearly a dozen menu items. Some of these things were the 7-Layer Burrito, Nachos Supreme, and cheesy fiesta potatoes. Then, Taco Bell said the menu changes were needed to "create a more efficient Taco Bell experience" according to CNN. For some of the new changes, Taco Bell is citing reasons like environmental impact to eliminate items. For example, the Mexican Pizza uses over 7 million pounds of paperboard annually.

If you're not happy with the changes coming to Hudson Valley Taco Bell locations, you can always buy your own. There is a prime Taco Bell location up for sale in the Hudson Valley.

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