Community Voices Heard (CVH), an organization founded in 1994 to build power to secure social, economic, and racial justice for all through grassroots organizing welcomed New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to Newburgh for a rally on the same day that he announced that he was joining the lawsuit against President Trump's new travel ban.

"President Trump's latest executive order is a Muslim Ban by another name, imposing policies and protocols that once again violate the Equal Protection Clause and Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution," Schneiderman said. "As the Trump White House has already said, the Administration's latest Muslim Ban seeks to accomplish the same unlawful and unconstitutional outcomes as the original order."

The rally was held in response to the Trump Administration's recent attacks on immigrant communities and working class communities all across America according to Afua Atta-Mensah, the Executive Director of Community Voices Heard.

Atta-Mensah continued by stating, "I am very grateful that Attorney General Schneiderman joined us today as CVH continues, wholeheartedly to fight against all of the damage that the Trump Administration is causing. This is not politics as usual and it's going to take a coalition of community leaders, elected officials, and everyday people, from all corners of this nation, to fight against an administration that is fixed on destroying our nation's most vulnerable communities."

Member-Leader of CVH, Amalia Hernandez was also critical of the current administration.

"Trump's horrible immigration agenda and his cabinet picks, show me that Donald Trump is not interested in helping common people," Hernandez said. "Trump has selected cabinet picks, whose careers have been the undermining of the institutions they are supposed to protect and serve. Additionally, Trump has pushed for immigration policies that are inherently discriminatory, no matter how you want to paint them. People in immigrant communities are afraid to go outside. No one should be afraid of going out!"

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