The Hudson Valley is rich in history. Whether it be historic or unexplained, the Hudson Valley embraces everything that makes it home.

One of the most popular urban legends or unsolved mysteries that surrounds the Hudson Valley has always been its relationship with UFOs. There have been many television shows and podcasts to spotlight strange events that have been reported in the area, but now a group of filmmakers is taking a deeper, more serious look as to how these encounters have affected some of our neighbors.

The documentary project, titled Dreamworld, is directed by Rose Felice and her team members that include, producer Marlee Capuano, sound engineer Gavin Hughes, and director of photography Mike Munari, with additional camera work and logo creation by Adrian Pollitt. All of whom are 2020 graduates of SUNY New Paltz.

According to a SUNY New Paltz press release the documentary

"centers around longtime Pine Bush resident Bill Wiand, founding member of the United Friends Observer Society (UFOS) support group for those who have experienced an alien encounter or brush with the unexplained. The film’s title Dreamworld is inspired by Wiand’s answer to the question: Do you ever feel frustrated that so many people don’t believe what you’ve been through? "

Felice, who is a Pine Bush native explains where they got the Dreamworld title from explaining in the press release that Pine Bush is a " seemingly typical small town harboring a surprising secret."

While many take the opportunity to poke fun at the UFO conspiracies, the filmmakers "recognized the prejudice many had faced in going public with their experiences." They went forward respectful and nonjudgmental way and created the trust and a relationship with Bill Wiand and the United Friends Observer Society.

Dreamworld is currently being shown throughout the film festival circuit. To read more about Dreamworld and learn more about the SUNY New Paltz alumni who made the project come to life, visit

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