The highly anticipated Avengers Endgame trailer premiered recently and with it came word that parts of the movie were filmed in the Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley Film Commission were sworn to secrecy, but now that the trailer is out they can talk more about production.

Under the code name 'Mary Lou', Avengers spent several days filming at Mills Mansion in Staatsburg and included air, land and river filming in digital IMAX. Hudson Valley Film Commission Director Laurent Rejto stated they were able to refer several locations that ended up being used in the movie.

The Hudson Valley movie industry continues to support local business'. Along with providing locations, the film commission were able to recommend local companies to support the production. Ready To Serve Catering was hired and the 40 crew members all stayed in the Best Western in Kingston.

Avengers Endgame will hit theaters in April and was filmed on a rumored $400 million budget. The movie picks up right where Infinity War left off and is expected to be one of the biggest movies of 2019.

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