We learned the reason behind a breathtaking stone sculpture that recently appeared in the Hudson Valley.

Amber Hallinan reached out to Hudson Valley Post to provide more details about a 10-feet tall stone structure that was recently constructed at the Kingston Rotary Park along the train track.

"As 2020 has started with some very intense explosive energy, I would love to bring some attention to something meditative, earthy and nestled within our lovely local bubble," Hallinan wrote in an email.

The large earthwork sculpture was created by Tyler Borchert of Kingston. Borchert who operates Stonestyling began erecting the structure in December and calls it the "Teardrop."

The "Teardrop" allows the viewer to observe the Hudson River through its tear-shaped window. It's said to be easily accessible to people at the Kingston Rotary Park.

Borchert said on Facebook constructing the large stone structure was challenging because of freezing temperatures and the tide.

He also built a "teardrop sculpture" in 2015 and 2016, according to Borchert. Everyone is encouraged to visit the "Teardrop." But, Tyler warns on Facebook, if you want to see it, you must act quickly before cold weather, ice and the tide demolishes the structure.

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