2020 marks the increase of minimum wage across New York State.

Patch reports that on New Year's Eve, the New York State minimum wage will increase. The amount it increases depends on where you live in New York State. It could also depend on what industry you work in. For New York City, the minimum wage will increase for small companies to $13.50 to $15, to match the wage of large employers.

According to Patch, the federal minimum wage will remain unchanged at $7.25 an hour. It has not changed since 2009. In Westchester and Long Island, the hourly minimum wage is set to increase to $13 from $12.

For the rest of the Hudson Valley, and New York State, the minimum wage is set to increase to $11.80 an hour, from $11.10 an hour. However, there are specific rules for the wage for tipped wages, according to Patch.

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