A growing number of New York State residents are being terrorized by children in a new challenge.

It appears the "Door Kicking" TikTok challenge has returned to New York State

Door-Kicking Challenge Is Scaring New York State Residents

CBS Texas/YouTube/TikTok
CBS Texas/YouTube/TikTok

The New York Post reports the TikTok “door-kicking” challenge back.

This challenge has children or teenagers, sometimes wearing masks, loudly kicking a door, and then running away. It appears to be a new version of "ding dong ditch" where someone would ring a homeowner's doorbell and then run away.

"My wife was having a panic attack at the time because she was just so absolutely distraught,” prank victim Jeffrey Gibson said, according to the New York Post. "Until I saw the video, I didn’t even realize that it seemed to be some youths playing what appeared to be a very evil prank."

Homeowners report hearing several loud, scary, bangs on their doors.

WCBS 880 reports residents in New York State recently experienced the same prank.

CBS Texas/YouTube/TikTok
CBS Texas/YouTube/TikTok

One New York State homeowner reports hearing loud bangs on their doors. At least one time a kid wearing a costume used a baseball bat to cause a loud banging sound on the door.

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Officials say parents should remind their children about the dangers of this challenge. Not only is it rude, but a man shot a 14-year-old recently after the teen continued to ring his doorbell.

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