A man claims he and his girlfriend found large mice crawling on them and munching on food under their seats at a Hudson Valley movie theater.

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Charles Marinaro said while watching a movie at the AMC Crystal Run 16 inside the Galleria at Crystal Run in Middletown his girlfriend felt something on her leg that startled her. Unable to see what it was, she assumed it was a snack falling down her leg and continued to watch the movie.

Shortly after, Marinaro and his girlfriend heard munching sounds coming from under their chairs and claim they noticed three large mice crawling under their seat.

"Immediately we found the source of the problem- Three large mice crawling under our chairs eating popcorn and other filth which should have been cleaned prior to the film. Another large mouse was eating caulk on the side of the staircase hopping in and out of a hole it made," Marinaro said.

Charles Marinaro
Charles Marinaro

Marinaro says after the movie ended, a trip to the bathroom was almost as bad as the experience in the theater as they watched the movie.

"After the film, I had to search for a decent stall to use the restroom that wasn't flooded with urine, feces, food and debris. I then went to wash my hands without any soap available," he said.

Marinaro spoke with a manager but claims the manager "disregarded our concerns" and offered the couple two free movie passes.

Hudson Valley Post requested a comment from AMC about the allegations of mice and filthy bathroom but the company has yet to respond to our request.

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