We love our furry friends and want the very best for them. The hardest part about having a pet is that we don’t always understand what they are saying unless you can speak animal (ha-ha). We can thankfully rely on our local vets to help us understand our furry friend’s needs. They offer our pets the opportunity to live a long, healthy life. There are also organizations that host events at a low cost for our furry friends to get the care that they need. Check out these local, low cost vet clinics to save some money with the start of the New Year.

Stray H.E.L.P. (Healthcare and Education to Limit Population) will be hosting a low cost spay and neuter clinic. This event will take place on Thursday January 21, 2021. This event will be at the Trinity Episcopal Church at 5 Elm Street in Fishkill. You can contact Paula to make an appointment which is required, 845 206 9021.

With the price of $70, this service includes either spay or neuter along with a rabies vaccine, ear cleaning and even nail trimming. There are additional serviced that are offered such as micro chipping, vaccines, flea and tick treatment. They have a deluxe package for $125 that includes a microchip.

Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is also offering a low cost vet clinic as well. You can call 845 392 4849 to make an appointment. HVARS operates and runs a low cost vet service clinic with licensed veterinarians. They also offer surgery clinic and wellness appointments for dogs and cats such as vaccines, pedicures, preventative care, surgery, bloodwork and x rays.

Stray H.E.L.P

PO Box 245

Fishkill, NY 12524


Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

9 Barnes Dr, Arlington, NY 12603

845 392 4849

The exam price starts at $35.

Do you have any pets? Will you be taking them to any of these clinics?


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