If you are in Ulster County and hoping to get a COVD-19 vaccine you will have access starting January 11th. Ulster County Government shared on their Facebook page today (January 7, 2021) information about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, who will be eligible and how to sign up.

There has been a lot of information over the last few weeks about the COVID-19 vaccine. Just about everyone knows it has arrived to New York and most of us are not on the list to receive the first round of the vaccine. However, that is no reason not to keep up on opportunities to receive the vaccine. More and more people will have access to the vaccine as weeks go by, so keeping up-to-date on where and when the vaccine is available is important so that you have access as soon as possible.

Ulster County Government shared that limited amounts of the COVID-19 vaccine will become available next week (January 11, 2021). The New York State Department of Health has created a list which prioritizes the people who should receive the first round. If you qualify to receive the vaccine in this first round you will be able to make an appointment. The first round of vaccines will be distributed by the Ulster County Department of Health on January 11th at the Kate Walton Field House on the Kingston High School Campus.

They plan to have the vaccine available 7 days a week between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM. You must have an appointment to receive the vaccine. Pre-registration for the vaccine still isn't available but they will be sharing that link soon. Following the Ulster County Government on Facebook or online will most likely get you that information as soon as it is available. You can also call with questions to the Ulster County Recovery Service Center 845-443-8888



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