First responders rarely know what their day will hold for them, but luckily, they're prepared for it all. Kingston, NY police, firefighters, and rope rescue technicians recently teamed up with the Ulster County Sheriff's department to make one of the most unexpected rescues of the year: a dog who had reportedly fallen down a cliff.

This is far from the only Hudson Valley animal rescue this year, but the massive response (and very quick results) of the first responder teams was a product of utilizing some very special resources they had at their disposal.

Dog Rescued at Hasbrouck Park in Kingston, NY

"At approximately 11:00am on 5/22/2023 the Kingston Fire Department was alerted to a possible animal in distress in Hasbrouck Park. It was reported that a dog fell, possibly off a cliff, in the woods near the trails", began a recent post from the City of Kingston Fire Department. "Due to the unknown nature of the rescue, personnel responded with a variety of resources including high angle rope rescue equipment and the department’s UTV".

City of Kingston Fire Department
City of Kingston Fire Department

Multi-Agency Response for Kingston, NY Dog Rescue

They say never bring a knife to a gunfight, but the reverse also seems to be true. Bringing firefighters, police, rope rescue, and UTVs to a dog rescue means you can expect the operation to be over quickly. "Within thirty minutes the dog had been located and firefighters began walking the dog out to the owners" (above), the KFD reported.

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This time of year can be hazardous for anybody, human or otherwise. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) is still warning hikers that spring rains can cause havoc on local trails, with excess mud not only making hiking difficult, but potentially dangerous. Some tips include:

  • Carry rain gear and other equipment for various weather conditions.
  • Return to your vehicle if conditions worsen.
  • Heed high water warnings and find a safer alternate route or trip.
  • Banks along rivers and streams can be slippery and rocks may be icy from spray. Keep a safe distance away to avoid ending up in water.
  • Avoid muddy trails as plants and trail surfaces are especially vulnerable to degradation and erosion

A dog who fell down a steep incline is one thing, but what about a horse stuck in a backyard pool? Or a puppy stuck on the ice of the frozen Hudson River? Check out both dramatic rescues below.

Horse In A New York Backyard Pool?! See The Dramatic Rescue Photos

God Bless our amazing First Responders. They have to see and react to unique situations every day to save not just human lives, but also those of our four-legged friends. This past weekend a horse-faced a life or death situation after getting caught in the cover in someone's backyard pool in Bohemia, New York. Thankfully, the Bohemia Fire Department came to the rescue.

City of Newburgh Firefighters Save Dog on Frozen Hudson River

Lilly, the dog needed a little help from Truck 1 and the City of Newburgh Fire Department back on February 11th. Thankfully, she was returned to her owners without injury. Round of ap-PAWS for the City of Newburgh Fire Department for their quick response and heroic efforts.

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