One of the stars of "Cheers" opened up a new business in the Catskills and has been spotted serving drinks.

On Wednesday, Sept. 5, the Faith American Brewing Co. taproom held a soft opening. The tavern is owned by actor Kelsey Grammer and is located at 334 Ruff Road in the Margaretville.

"Beautiful setting and tasty brew," Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce wrote on Facebook. "Best wishes."

Grammer visited the Catskills as a child and said he always knew he would have a future in the area. He wrote the following on the Faith American Brewing Company website about his new venture:

Having visited the Catskills as a boy and spent some of my most precious days here, I always suspected I would have a future with these mountains. Twenty-six years ago, the land was bought that is the home to Faith American. Here in Delaware County, times have been challenging and the once prosperous region has suffered considerably; it was a dream of returning this land and even this region to prosperity, a dream that commerce could restore this magnificent corner of the world to a thriving and vital place in America's economy that gave birth to the idea of a brewery. It is our hope that Faith will create and sell beautiful beers of all varieties. We will brew at the old dairy farm site and explore this marvelous craft, living in harmony with the land and the people here, harvesting our potential together as Faith American Brewing Company brings joy to our customers and revenue to the community. May fortune smile on this venture and the good people of our town, these mountains and our blessed nation.

The seasonal tavern is located on a cauliflower and dairy farm in Delaware County. Grammar was behind the bar for the soft opening, serving his beer the Faith American Ale, NYUP reports. The beer is made with hops and barley from Grammar's farm.

The beer and tavern are named after Grammer's daughter, Faith.

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