Reports say Kanye West is willing to spend millions to buy a town in the area and rename it after himself.

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A report that went viral this week said Kanye West wants to buy the City of Rye in Westchester County and then drop the "R" in the city's name. Rye would then become Ye, pronounced Yay, like how the "ye" in Kanye is pronounced.

According to Insider, the report stated the rap mogul wants to donate around $100 million to the town to rename it Ye, noting the money, which is about 10 percent of the rap mogul's wealth would completely pay off the Rye city and school bond debt.

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The rumor is apparently from an anonymous source who is close with West. The report adds West was with realtors looking to buy three properties, for a home, music studio/ creative think-tank and a church.

The report also states West has filled out paperwork, but an official with Rye's city court told Insider that they "have not received any papers."

One of the buildings West reportedly was looking into was the Rye YMCA. Rye YMCA's executive director Gregg Howells told Insider he hasn't heard any truth to the rumor.

"We haven't heard anything about it," Howells told Insider. "We're in the midst of preparing a build out for some new programming there."

The original report has yet to make a statement or say the report is fake. But if the report is real and a deal goes through, Kanye West could become our Hudson Valley neighbor. Thoughts?

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