Jane Walker is a smooth way of taking the next step towards women's equality. See what I did there? You'll be seeing a Jane Walker whisky here in the Hudson Valley very shortly.

March is Women's History month and he popular Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky has decided to show their support by creating a new limited edition female logo for it's whisky.

According to USA Today, the company will start selling the bottles in March at a suggested retail cost of around $34. The company prides themselves on having a strong female demographic. This is just one small step to take it further.

The bottle will be stored inside a white box instead of the traditional black box and feature a woman strutting in the iconic trench coat and gentleman's top hat. Or should is it officially safe to say "gentle person's top hat" now?

Will you grab a bottle and take some swigs? Maybe it will be worth saving as a souvenir. It is limited edition.

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