Pizza Hut continues its exit from New York as another restaurant has announced they are closing to make way for a marijuana dispensary.

If you think about going out for pizza when you were younger, what's the first restaurant you think of? If you answered Pizza Hut you aren't alone. The odds say that Pizza Hut is the most common answer for folks over 25 years of age, for everyone under 25 answers vary. That might have something to do with what we are about to tell you...LOL! At its peak Pizza Hut had 7,496 dine-in restaurants in the U.S. alone, that was until 2019 when they announced they would be closing 500+ locations.

Pizza Hut Glen Falls
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Pizza Hut Closing Another New York Restaurant

Pizza Hut currently has somewhere around 6,800 restaurants across the country with 151 in New York. Make that 150, as Pizza Hut has announced that they are permanently closing another New York location for good according to the Glens Falls Chronicle. The Pizza Hut located at 12 Hudson Ave in Glens Falls, New York will permanently close on Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 after serving the area since 1998.

Pizza Hut
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Closing Leave Community "Sad"

Many in the area shared how much they were going to miss the restaurant on social media when the announcement was made, "Sad to see them go" said one area resident. Pizza Hut Manager Recco Clark told the Chronicle "It’s sort of sad, I’ve been there ever since they opened in May of 1998." Clark, a valued Pizza Hut employee also said that he has accepted a floating manager position with the Fort Edward and Queensbury Pizza Hut locations.

What's Replacing Pizza Hut?

The Glens Falls Planning Board announced at a March meeting that they had recommended an "OK" for a legal marijuana dispensary to move into the 12 Hudson Avenue building. It's unclear when the dispensary will open for business but when they make the opening date available we will update this article.

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The Hudson Valley was once home to numerous Pizza Hut locations through the years. Take a look at before and after pictures of some of those locations...

Former Pizza Hut Locations in the Hudson Valley, New York

These locations were once a Pizza Hut restaurant.

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