We all have a bucket list. It is fun to have things you want to do in your life, especially when they may not seem attainable. Half the excitement around a bucket list is trying to wonder if you will get to check off some of the more adventuresome ideas you have written down.

Check your list because I may have just discovered a way you can cross one off. Do you have anything similar to spend the night under the stars with wild animals? Or how about having a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a wolf?

Sleep With Wolves Returns to the Wolf Conservation Center in New York

Once again this year one of the popular events in the northeast is taking reservations and whatever you do don't wait because space filled up fast for the "Sleeping with Wolves" event at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York.

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From May to October you have the chance to book yourself an overnight stay with the 20+ wolves that call the Wolf Conservation Center home. This well-organized experience comes with a tent that you would need to enjoy your stay overnight with the wolves.

How Much Does it Cost to Sleep With Wolves in South Salem, NY?

For the fee of $340, you get a four-person tent which you fill with 2,3, or 4 people.  If you are coming alone there is a $150 charge and you need to bring your tent.

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The events are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday starts at 6 PM and goes until 8 AM Saturday. Saturday and Sunday events start at 5 PM.

To register call (914) 863-2373 or email visit@nywolf.org. Be sure to check the program link before you register.

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