When it comes to trash, pollution, and numerous other factors one part of New York State can now call itself one of America's dirtiest places!

Every year the folks at LawnStarter undertake the task of trying to sift through the garbage, evaluate area pollution and living conditions to try and locate some of America's dirtiest cities and it appears that a New York city about a one-hour drive from the Hudson Valley has cracked the top 10.


America's Dirtiest Cities

To try and determine which of the 200+ cities across the nation are the dirtiest Lawnstarter looks at various key factors to come up with its yearly rankings. They look at air quality, the number of landfills and junkyards, overcrowding, homes with mold, mice or rats, homes that have signs of cockroaches, and many other factors to come up with four categories, pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction. They gave a numbered score for each city in each category and then averaged the scores for each city across all categories to reveal the 152 dirtiest cities in America.


Yonkers, New York Named 10th Dirtiest in America

The city of Yonkers landed at #10 on this year's list with an overall score of 46.36. Living conditions and consumer satisfaction were the leading factors in Yonkers nearing the top of this year's list. The top 5 dirtiest cities according to LawnStarter are...

#5 Jersey City, New Jersey
#4 Detroit, Michigan
#3 San Bernardino, California
#2 Newark, New Jersey
#1 Houston, Texas

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America's Cleanest Cities?

At the bottom of the "dirtiest" list are the cities that should be considered the cleanliest, right? The bottom six cities include

#147 Buffalo, New York
#148 Fremont, California
#149 Des Moines, Iowa
#150 Norfolk, Virginia
#151 Sunnyvale, California
#152 Virginia Beach, Virginia

You can see the full LawnStarter list here and unless you live in any of the areas mentioned above you should be happy living where you live!!!

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