I was probably well out of college and living in an apartment somewhere before I knew about places that could completely prepare food so that you could skip cooking. Not being a very good cook this might have been more helpful information sooner than later.

Sure there was always a place to grab a sub sandwich or takeout food but being able to get a fresh culinary delight was few and far between. I have obviously dated myself by admitting this but it's true back in the 80's it wasn't easy to pick a tasty prepared meal. Grub Hub wasn't even a concept.

New Food Market Now Open in Cornwall, New York

So fast forward to today when you can not only order food to arrive at your door from an online food company or a restaurant but now you also have an amazing selection of places all over the Hudson Valley that you can visit in person and select something delicious for your next meal with or without a friend.

Storm King Market Via Facebook 3
Storm King Market Via Facebook 3

Where to get Fresh Grab and Go Food in the Hudson Valley

Last month I told you about Cheese Louise expanding their business by opening a second location in Rhinebeck this month I get to share that if you live in the Cornwall area you now have a new market in an old familiar location. The Storm King Market is now Open at 2 Idlewild Avenue.

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The old Storm King Theatre building on Idlewild Avenue in Cornwall-on-Hudson is now home to a new food market. The Storm King Market is now open alongside the Storm King Lounge and Fare and Pepettini. Open daily they are offering breakfast and lunch plus prepared fresh food selections for you to grab and go.

The last time I was in that part of the Storm King Theatre building it was an auction hall, it is great to see how old classic spaces are being re-imagined to keep them vital in a community.

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Look at All the Specialty Food Markets in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Specialty Food Shops

The Hudson Valley has a number of specialty food shops. From cheese to charcuterie to dry goods and more. Some are styled like a grocery store others offer prepared foods you can eat in or take out. All of them are worth a visit. Here is a short list of a few that include shops in Beacon, Rhinebeck, New Paltz, and surrounding areas.

Historic House Reimagined in Kingston, New York

The Forsyth House in Kingston New York

In the heart of the historic Kingston New York's Rondout Waterfront District, The Forsyth House at 85 Abeel Street is referred to as an urban compound with deep roots in the area's rich history. Built in 1851 and then completely re-imagined in 2016 this award-winning home boosts the fact that it was a saloon and oyster bar. It eventually became a ship chandlers' shop, then a two-family home. 85 Abeel Street now is a stunning Boutique B&B in Kingston, New York. This is a chance to buy New York history preserved and updated.

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