It is no secret that I enjoy our local farm markets. I love being able to eat food grown locally. Many of our Hudson Valley restaurants pride themselves in being farm-to-table. I like to think that most of the meals I fix for my family are the same.

During the Summer, I regularly try to support our local farms by purchasing the fruits and vegetables they grow. One of these days, I will be organized enough to get my proteins from local farms as well. Hudson Valley-raised turkey, chicken, beef, and pork are all quite good.

What Are They Farming in Pine Bush, New York?

There is one item I never realized I could buy locally until this past weekend. I am not going to say I know everything about Hudson Valley farming, but If you had told me I could buy this particular item fresh from a farm in New York, I would have laughed and probably doubted you. I also would have been very wrong.

Mercier Farms via Facebook
Mercier Farms via Facebook

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I had no idea you could buy rice that was grown in the Hudson Valley. For some reason, I would have thought it wouldn't grow in New York and I obviously would have been wrong. It turns out a farm that was established in 2018 grows rice in Pine Bush, New York.

How Does Rice Grow in New York State?

Great Joy Family Farm has a farm stand plus, they also ship their products to other farm markets. Turns out New Paltz's newest farm market, Mercier Farms carries Great Joy Family Farm's rice. It is worth noting that Great Joy Family Farm uses Organic Seeds, they hand weed, and are pesticide, chemical, herbicide, and pollution free.

Hudson Valley Farm Now Growing Rice Pine Bush, New York

So move over apples and pumpkins there may be a new crop in town. Of course, I can't imagine a time when rice paddies would take over our orchards, but a lot of flat Hudson Valley farmland that has access to water may be the next site for rice farming.

Great Joy Family Farm via YouTube
Great Joy Family Farm via YouTube

Apples, peaches cherries, and of course, pumpkins might be what comes to mind first when you think about Hudson Valley Farm produce but it looks like rice can now be added to the list. After all parts of Ulster County used to be known for growing celery but that is another story. And we do have a Saki brewery in Dutchess County.

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