PerNetflix Newest Crime Doc Revisits 2015 Kidnapping

The number 1 show on Netflix currently is a 3-episode crime documentary called American Nightmare. The doc follows the story of a young couple Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins from Vallejo, California who on March 25th, 2015 endured a terrifying 48 hours.

We'll avoid spoilers as best we can, but around 3 am on the morning of March 25ht 2015, the couple who was asleep in bed, was woken up by intruders in wetsuits shining bright lights in their face.

The intruders then zip tied and drugged Quinn and Huskins. The 2 were blindfolded and Quinn was forced to put on headphones where he was given several details on what to do moving forward including not calling police.

Huskins was put in the intruders trunk and taken to a different location for 2 days. After Huskins story started making headlines her kidnapper dropped her off 400 miles from her original location.

Why did the kidnappers target this couple? Was it a hoax? Did Haskins set this kidnapping up to get back at Quinn after an argument? These are all the questions the Vallejo Police Department pondered. You'll have to watch for yourself to find out what happened, but it's a wild ride.

Hudson Valley Mention in American Nightmare on Netflix

Netflix does a fantastic job following the twist and turns of the story which at first sounds so farfetched.

In episode 1, we learn all about the kidnapping and what Aaron Quinn went through when he refused to follow the kidnappers demands. Then in episode 2 we meet Denise Huskins.

Netflix, Youtube
Netflix, Youtube

They speak with her family, talking with her mom and brother in a kitchen location and then her father who is sitting in a living room type area. While they do that they share photos of Denise and her past.

She seemed to be a normal 20-something enjoying life traveling and enjoying the great outdoors. At one point Netflix shows a photo of Haskins in front of this well known Hudson Valley location:

Google Maps
Google Maps

We've looked into it and Denise Huskins is originally from Southern California near Huntington Beach, and no real ties to the Hudson Valley.

But we have to say we were surprised to see such a unique Hudson Valley mention in a documentary primarily focused all the way across the country on the West coast.

Have you seen the Hudson Valley mentioned or show in a recent television show or movie? Let us know and we'll put together a list of famous locations across the region.

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