A New York state woman has gone viral for all the very wrong reasons.

A video that has been shared over social media shows the woman at a Walmart being restrained by a New York State Trooper as she repeatedly shouts, "Walmart is racist!". A crowd of customers can be seen gathering around as the trooper attempts to control the suspect.

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But what led up to this wild encounter at a Walmart in Westchester County? Police are saying that the woman was having a mental health crisis.

Woman in Westchester Seen Fighting Police 

New York State Police told The National Desk that they had been called to the Walmart store in Mohegan Lake on the evening of October 2. Some commentators and social media personalities had claimed that the woman was accused by employees of shoplifting, though police deny any such claims.

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Several videos posted to YouTube show the woman in a motorized wheelchair at a checkout line, repeatedly taunting the trooper to "drag me the f*** out of here!". One YouTube video shows the woman then jump up out of the chair and begin pulling merchandise off of the shelves and throwing it.

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When the trooper tries to intervene, the woman can be seen physically resisting him, as well as going so far as slapping the glasses off of his head. The woman then pulls an entire display down, just as a Walmart employee tells a nearby customer that they should not be recording inside the store.

It appears the customer continued to record anyway.

As the trooper begins to finally take some control of the woman, she can be heard screaming derogatory names at him, before loudly screaming that Walmart is racist over and over. Officials told The National Desk that the woman was taken to the hospital after the incident.

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