The shopping landscape is about to change in New York as a national chain vows to shut down over 1,000 stores.

The future of stores in Poughkeepsie, Middletown, Kingston, Newburgh, Montgomery, Newburgh, Florida, Hyde Park, Liberty and dozens of other New York towns is up in the air after a bombshell announcement was made this week.

Threat of Store Closures Loom Throughout Hudson Valley, New York

We told you last month that Macy's plans to shut down 150 underperforming stores across the country. The chain has already shuttered locations in Kingston, Nyack and Nanuet. Now workers and customers in Poughkeepsie, Middletown, West Nyack, Yonkers and Yorktown Heights are awaiting news on whether their store will also close.

Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Middletown

Just as we thought the news couldn't get worse, the company that operates Family Dollar and Dollar Tree has announced that it will permanently shut down 1,000 stores across the country.

New  York Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Stores are in Trouble

In a press release, Dollar Tree Inc. announced it's being forced to close 1,000 stores due to falling profits. The store blamed high inflation and a reduction in SNAP benefits giving families less money to spend in its stores which are geared toward low-income shoppers.

poughkeepsie, newburgh, kingston, hyde park, middletown
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The company, however, has had many more problems than that. Anyone who has visited a Dollar Tree or Family Dollar knows how understaffed and messy the stores are. Recently, the company was forced to shut down a New York location after it was found to be infested with rats. The company also removed cinnamon from its shelves last week after the product was discovered to contain high levels of lead.

Competition from Dollar General, Walmart and other successful discount brands has also put a dent in Dollar Tree's profits.

Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Kingston, Middletown New York
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Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Have Over 350 New York Locations

There are over 160 Family Dollar and 200 Dollar Tree locations spread throughout New York State. The company said on Wednesday that it would be closing 600 Family Dollar stores during the first half of 2024 and an additional 370 over the "next several years" when store leases are up. In addition to the Family Dollar stores, the company also announced that it will shutter 30 Dollar Tree stores.

A list of specific locations has not yet been released, but we will update this story when more information is released.

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