We know that when it comes to restaurants and eateries there's no lack of options here in the Hudson Valley. With that said, we are also surrounded by several award winning and recognized establishments.

Recently, Yelp generated their list of Top 100 spots for tacos in the country, and the Hudson Valley landed on the list not once, but twice.

Photo by Amie Watson on Unsplash
Photo by Amie Watson on Unsplash
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When It Comes To Hudson Valley Pizza...

We've been lucky here in the Hudson Valley enough to be visited by the pizza guru, Mr. Barstool himself, Dave Portnoy, who had some pretty great things to say about the pizza at a particular area favorite.

When giving his 'One Bite Review' of Pizzeria Posto in Rhinebeck (who now has an Eastdale location as well), he complimented the town and gave Posto's slice a score of 8.2!

Pizzeria Posto
Eastdale Village Town Center Facebook

Now, that same pizzeria is getting major attention from Yelp, recently named among the best pizza in the United States.

It's no surprise that New York pizza makes multiple appearances on Yelp's 'all-time-list' of the top pizza spots in the U.S., but of the New York eateries on the list, three happen to be here in the Hudson Valley.

As mentioned, Pizzaria Posto (the Rhinebeck location) made the list, coming in at number 94, and was referenced as 'taking customers on a culinary trip to uplift your spirit and engage your senses.'

Reviews included the fact that their pizza was 'crispy but not burnt' (perfection in my pizza loving eyes, and what I assume Portnoy's under those sunglasses).

Which Other Hudson Valley Pizzerias Made Yelp's Top 100 List?

Not all that far down the road from Rhinebeck, just steps away from the Walkway Over the Hudson, Lolita's Pizza came in at number 84 on the Yelp list.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Their impressive, and often times unique (in a very good way) list of pizza offerings has something for everyone, with Yelp reviewers urging people to 'WALK DON'T RUN' to Lolita's (yes, all caps too).

One very happy customer shared the following Yelp review that undoubtedly helped them make this year's list:

Lolita’s is THE spot! Not only is this a very stylish place with a fun, I want to be here vibe but the PIZZA ... mamma mia, the pizza ....I’ll dare to say the best I’ve ever had and I eat plenty of pizza including in the city.

A bit further south, but not into NYC territory quite yet, Beekman Ale House in Sleepy Hollow ranked at number 92, and did we mention Dave Portnoy also had great things to say during his one bite visit to Sleepy Hollow?

Portnoy awarded them a 7.4, and it seems like patrons agree. One recent Yelp review from December indicated that their pizza is 'worth waiting for':

I daydream about the pizza here at least once a week. My friends and I came here multiple times despite having access to great pizza in nyc. This place has the best hot honey pizza topped with chicken cutlet bites, fresno peppers, and Mike's hot honey which is a divine creation. We order this each time we come to this spot with a side of fried mozzarella. If there's a wait here, it'll be worth it.


So, other than having a crazy craving for pizza now, thoughts on the rankings? Any other local favorites that you would love to see on the next list?

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