When I was looking to buy my home in Poughkeepsie, I knew that I wanted an old home. There’s something special about an old home to me. The history, the idea of so many special family events that happened there over the years, the old architectural details. All of it is appealing to me. But ghosts? Not so much.

There are a ton of old, historical houses here in the Hudson Valley. And some of them may be haunted. I’ve heard so many stories from friends who live in old houses about ghosts and spirits. Are you one of those people that live in a haunted house? You should know that if you plan to sell that house, the law requires you to tell prospective buyers that the house is haunted. It’s true.

According to Zillow, only 4 states have this law and New York is one of them. In fact, the sale can be rescinded if you know about paranormal activity in your house and you don’t tell. In New Jersey you only have to tell if you are asked. My brother is a real estate lawyer and he confirmed this.

So, if you’re getting your old, creaky house ready to be sold, keep in mind that if the creaky noises are caused by something other than old floor boards and you have lights that go on and off even though there are no electrical problems, you have to tell your buyers.

I’m happy to say I don’t believe there are any ghosts in my own 1865 house. At least none that have made their presence known. Although I have been known to see a cat shadow where there is no cat, and I’ve buried a few cats in my back yard, so who knows?

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