Two Orange County, NY residents have entered guilty pleas stemming from an undercover drug sale incident that took place in early 2023, and currently await sentencing.

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Narcotics Sold To Undercover Police Officer

Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler, in a press release late afternoon on Thursday April 11th, announced that two 'drug dealers' involved in a 2023 undercover drug sale had pled guilty. Frank Wilson and Ray Degraffenried, both of Newburgh, are each expected to be sentenced to six years in prison a piece.


Court documents indicate that on March 3, 2023 an undercover City of Middletown Police Officer met with Wilson, and the following transaction followed:

[the officer] negotiated to purchase a quantity of crack-cocaine. After the undercover officer gave Wilson money, he gave the officer the agreed upon drugs, which were subsequently analyzed at the crime laboratory which confirmed the presence of cocaine.

It was shared that Wilson admitted to 'knowingly and unlawfully selling the narcotics' at the plea hearing following his arrest.

Months later, on October 4, 2023, a judicially authorized search warrant was executed at an undisclosed Town of Newburgh residence where officers apprehended 29 grams of cocaine, digital scales, and packaging material used in narcotics trafficking. Degraffenried was said to have made an admission to police that the drugs were his, and at the plea proceedings, did admit to both possession of and intent to sell cocaine.

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Two 'Drug Dealers' Plead Guilty in Orange County Court

Both Wilson (43) and Degraffenried (36) entered into guilty pleas on Wednesday April 10th, with Wilson pleding guilty to Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance in the 3rd Degree, and Degraffenried, to Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 3rd Degree.


It is expected that each will be sentenced to six years in prison based on the plea agreement entered into the record in court. Their next court appearances are scheduled for July and June, respectively.

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