A family trip to the ballpark has been linked to the idea of 'America's Pastime' for quite some time. For me personally, many of my best childhood memories revolve around a family trip into the Bronx to catch a Yankee game, and then my first significant adult purchase was my own Yankees partial season package.

One New York baseball team (no, not the one in the Bronx) decided to develop a survey to administer to fans to look at time preferences for Saturday games, and ended up announcing some big changes as a result of said survey.

MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus
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Mets Survey Fans About Saturday Game Attendance

The Mets recently conducted a survey of their fans to learn more about game attendance preferences. Results of that survey indicated that 'nearly 90% of those responding would prefer that Saturday home games be held in the afternoon rather than at night.'

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The New York Post, in their reporting of the Mets survey and planned changes for the 2024 season, shared the following with regard to in-person attendance:

But baseball still likes to think of itself as a relaxed, summertime outing that caters to folks showing up in person and enjoying the company of friends and relatives, including those who are children. That is “much easier to accomplish at a day game, and Sunday should not be the only option for those who work and/or go to school during the week.

Mets Saturday Home Game Schedule Adjusted For 2024 Season

The Mets franchise announced that all Saturday home games between March 28th (which is opening day for the 2024 season) and May 25th will have a 1:40pm start time, and then between June 1st and September 21st, all Saturday home games will begin at 4:10pm.

The full Mets 2024 schedule can be found here.

The new Mets schedule now resembles my favorite Bronx-based NY team, the Yankees, who host most of their Saturday home games in the afternoon, with a few scattered 7:05pm starts.

MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus
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In addition to Mets baseball, Citi Field will be busy this season/summer hosting a number of live shows including visits from The Foo Fighters, Blink182, and Green Day's Saviors Tour with The Smashing Pumpkins and Rancid.

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