There's only one thing to say about this fish: you're gonna need a bigger boat.

Fish and Chips are always a good choice for a hearty meal, but during lent, their popularity is higher than ever. One restaurant in the Hudson Valley, NY is taking the love of fried fish to a whole different level with what might be the biggest serving in the history of the dish.

The Fish n' Chips served for lent at Iron & Wine Restaurant in Patterson, NY might be the biggest in the Hudson Valley
The Fish n' Chips served for Lent at Iron & Wine Restaurant in Patterson, NY might be the biggest in the Hudson Valley (Iron & Wine Restaurant via Instagram)

Is This the Biggest Fish n' Chips in the Hudson Valley?

"Monster fish n chips. On all night for lent. This big fella is a double. Test your might", posted Iron & Wine on their Instagram page (below). The restaurant, located in the town of Patterson, NY in Putnam County is usually known for smaller plates, but many local residents were ecstatic that meals were being supersized for Lent.

Fish n Chips at Iron & Wine Restaurant in Patterson, NY

"Jesus, Whale and chips anyone 😂", said one commenter who may or may not have been aware of the irony of using such language during Lent. "Geez that’s humongous", marveled another. While the lower Hudson Valley location may be too long of a trip for residents further north, the good news is that there are plenty of fried fish options across the region.

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