It is just a cookie.  But is it, really?

I have written about Upstate New York foods for many years.  In my book, A Taste of Upstate New York I do, in fact, have several chapters and mentions of some of our region's most favorite cookies.

One mention goes to the Cookie Jumbles.  These cookies, with their base of chocolate, molasses, and spices, has been enjoyed in the Schoharie Valley for ten generations.  It is a micro-regional favorite, but one famous enough to actually have a historical marker erected in its honor.  Another cookie people rave about is the Molasses Crinkle, created by and available only at the iconic Fly Creek Cider Mill in, yes, Fly Creek, NY (Otsego County).  These cookies are now in their own third generation of life.

And the Pink Striped Cookie of Ecklof's Bakery in Jamestown are so famous that their story has actually been told in books, newspapers, and magazines.  The cookies were created by the Swedish bakery's second generation family member back in 1956.  Their tale is one of the most charming food stories in Upstate New York.

And then there is the Half Moon Cookie.  Born in Upstate New York (Utica) this is a cookie that is so well-liked, so well-known, and so iconic, that when a food writer (me) was asked to come up with an Upstate New York Food Hall of Fame in 2015, the Half Moon Cookie was the very first inductee.  They are the official cookie of the city of Utica, and have even been at the the heart of one of most popular Seinfeld TV-sitcom episodes of all time (watch it in the gallery below).

Of course New York City claims its own version of the Half Moon Cookie that they swear is better than "ours."  They call it the "Black and White."  The merits of one over the other are discussed in the gallery below.

Some might not like the taste of a spicy Chocolate Jumble.  Others might find the Molasses Crinkles of the Fly Creek Cider Mill not to their liking.  And others might just think that a trip far western Jamestown is just to far to go for something called a Pink Striped Cookie.

But, the half moon cookie?  You will be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't love this Upstate legend!  And that's the truth!

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Upstate Legends! The Story of the Iconic Half Moon Cookie!

There are many cookies that are in the "beloved category," but few reach the legendary status of Central New York's half moon cookie. This gallery pays tribute to this favorite cookie treat and shares a bit of its history with you. But remember one not call them "black and whites."

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Upstate Legends! 24 Year Old Upstate Man Was First Officer to Die in Civil War!

This is the first in a series of amazing and little known factoids I have uncovered in my numerous travels around Upstate New York. This is a poignant story of the first Union casualty of the Civil War. He was from Upstate New York. You will be amazed at his story!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Upstate Legends! Bresee's Department Store in Oneonta!

This is another addition to our series on Upstate Legends! This gallery looks at one of the most famous stores in Central New York. Bresee's Department Store was a retail icon for more than 90 years in Oneonta. It had 745,000 square feet of retail space, one of the first escalators in Central New York, and perhaps the most beloved lunch counter of them all! Look at these great photos!

(Although commonly known as the Oneonta Department Store, we refer to it in this gallery as Bresee's Department Store)

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Upstate Legends! The Story of Grandma Brown's Baked Beans?

There is no more talked about food subject in Upstate New York than the question: "Whatever Happened to Grandma Brown's Baked Beans?" This gallery tells the story of Lulu Brown, here famous baked beans, and looks at why they disappeared from grocery store shelves.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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