The cost of everything is going up, including your rent. But where is the biggest hike in the country? That's in Upstate New York.

New York City has the highest rent at $4,200 a month, according to Zumper. And that's just for a one-bedroom apartment. Want two bedrooms? That'll cost you $4,640.

Do you know the type of house you can buy with a $4,000 mortgage? Especially outside the Big Apple. You could be living in a million-dollar mansion for $4,000 a month.

The city may have the highest rent in the country but Upstate New York is seeing the biggest hikes. Last year it was Ithaca and the Albany area that saw the biggest jumps in prices. This year it's closer to Central New York.

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Credit - Think Stock
Credit - Think Stock

Syracuse Home to Highest Rent Hikes

Syracuse is where monthly payments are increasing the most. Rent on a one-bedroom apartment is $1,050 on average, which is a lot cheaper than in Manhattan and Queens. But it's jumped 22% in the last year, the most out of any city in America. Two-bedroom prices have increased by 17%.

Syracuse $1,050 +22%
New York City $4,200 +18%
Rochester $1,090 +11%

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Where is the most affordable place to rent in New York? That's in Buffalo, where you'll pay $1,140 on average for a one-bedroom. The same as last year. Two-bedroom apartments are seeing a 9.2% jump in price in 2024 to $1,300.

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