With Uber coming to the Hudson Valley in just a few short weeks, you may want to check your vehicle to see if it's ready to start accepting passengers.

If you're looking to pick up some extra cash you may want to consider driving for Uber. The job is very flexible, allowing you to decide when you want to pick up rides and when you don't. Some drive full-time, while others turn only on their service whenever they free time.

In order to drive for Uber your vehicle must meet some minimum requirements.

  • The vehicle needs to be model year 2002 or newer
  • It must have four doors or be a minivan
  • It must be in "good condition" with no cosmetic damage
  • There can be no commercial branding on the vehicle
  • It must pass inspection

Although the vehicle does need to be registered, it can be registered in someone else's name. So if you want to use someone else's car (with their permission, of course) you can.

Also, keep in mind that your insurance must be up to date, but you don't need any special insurance. Uber holds liability insurance on behalf of its drivers.

Uber is already taking applications for local drivers. You'll need to be over 21, have a valid license and submit to a background check. If you're interested in getting a jumpstart on the process you can head over to Uber's website now and fill out an online form.

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