Heads up, Green Day fans. American Idiot, the Broadway musical adaptation of their iconic 2004 album, is coming to our neck of the woods

Geronimo Productions is putting the show on at the Center For Performing Arts in Rhinebeck later this summer. The musical is a nonstop rock opera, featuring every song from the American Idiot album, plus some tracks from 21st Century Breakdown, some b-sides, and an original song written for the play.

What's even cooler about this version is that they're offering the full American Idiot experience. Fans can show up early to have a few drinks on the set made to look like the 7-11 (located at the center of the Earth, in the parking lot. It's where the protagonist was taught). Plus, they can leave their own mark on the set while rock music blares in the background.

I saw American Idiot on Broadway around the time it opened, and it's an awesome show. Definitely a must-see for any Green Day fan. Performances start Friday, June 30th and run through July 16th. You can get your tickets right here. I imagine this will be pretty popular, so you're going to want to act fast.

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