Every year around this time lists are being put together by different media outlets regarding "the most haunted" places around America. We should really change October to just Halloween.

Anyway, Thrillist is one of the many sites getting in on the fun. They lay out "The Best Places to Scare the Crap Out of Yourself, In All 50 States" list. New York is obviously a huge state and filled with legends and ghost stories. However, Thrillist pick for scariest place in New York took me by surprise. 

It's not your run of the mill pick like the Amityville Horror House or Sleepy Hollow, but it is right in our backyard. According to Thrillist, West Point Military Academy is in fact the scariest place to visit in New York.

The site explains if the appearance of the academy doesn't freak you out enough, the many ghost stories to come out of the campus should do the trick.

For instance the story of several cadets seeing "a ghost in an antiquated school uniform, roaming around Room 4714." That room was out of service.

Or the story of "ghost of former superintendent Colonel Thayer’s Irish maid, Molly, who haunts the basement of Quarters 100, tousling the bedcovers in an otherwise orderly room, and borrowing and moving guests’ possessions."


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