It seems like every day there is a new way to save money without doing anything, and I tried one of them recently.

Let's get real for one second: I have a shopping addiction. Shoes, bags, clothes, I like it all. The designer stuff too, and let me tell you, on a radio budget that is tricky. So when my addiction gets the best of me and I can't resist the urge to submit my order online, I'm always looking for a way to save some cash.

I took the plunge and tried one of the million 'guaranteed ways to save money' that I've seen on the internet. Google Chrome has an extension available (think of an extension as an app on Google Chrome) that automatically searches for the best coupon code available on a website and applies it for you. This extension is called Honey. Since it was free I figured why not, worst comes to worst I'm just disappointed by another internet scheme.

Honey Extension

I give it a try on some prints I was ordering online and it pops up saying it found 10 coupon codes to try and asked if I wanted to apply them. Well DUH, I hate searching for all those coupon codes. Honey then shows which ones it's trying and tells you which one gave you the best price and how much you saved.

You can also register for an account on honey that gives you rewards points which you can redeem for gift cards. I haven't done that because I just can't be bothered, but it honestly sounds like it's worth it. Especially with the holidays coming up (unfortunately) it would be worth the 2 seconds it'll take to sign up.

If you were ever skeptical about trying Honey, I honestly recommend it. If anything it just saves you from having to search for coupon codes. Happy shopping!

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