It's nice to take a break from news and write about the most adorable dogs ever.

It was a typical Saturday for me on November 24, 2018. I was getting my eyebrows threaded, going to the gym doing some shopping. You know, the usual. Until, I'm in Greenwich, Connecticut, waiting on line at Starbucks (trying not to sound basic, I promise), and I witness the cutest dogs standing outside.

After getting my tea I literally run out the door to meet these dogs. They were two basset hounds. And might I add, they were extra droopy. So so droopy. I ask their owner if I can take a picture of them and she said some variation of "Of course." As soon as I drop down to take their picture, these properly poised pups come darting for me (exactly what I was hoping for).

I find out their names are Harriet and Larry. Those have to be the most fun names in the world for pups. I love basset hounds, I grew up with them. So this was like the best thing to happen to me all weekend.

That's all. No big story, no heated argument or rant. Just some lovely basset hounds. Enjoy.


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