Mural by Franc Palaia

Growing up in any area, sometimes you may forget the beauty and wonders that are around you because you get so used to it. I remember the first time bringing one of my college buddies down to Hyde Park for the first time, and he was just in awe of the area. He couldn't get over the history and the beauty of the area.

Not just that, but he is a huge fan of the Eveready Diner now. It's funny, all these things that I have taken for granted for years were absolute marvels to my friend, and it was really cool getting to see my hometown through his eyes.

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Things To Do In Hyde Park, NY

Below, I have given you a great itinerary for your trip to Hyde Park, New York. Perhaps you are someone who lives in the area, but you're having guests over and you're trying to figure out what to do. Maybe you're from around the Hudson Valley and looking to venture out on a fun day or weekend trip. That, or you're passing through and are looking for something to do or something to eat.

After living here all my life, these are the places I always have to show my out-of-town guests.

Are there other spots that you feel ABSOLUTELY need to be highlighted? Should your favorite restaurant be included? Is there another trail or park to add? What other entertainment can we put on this list? Put your suggestions in the comments on Facebook or write to us through the app!

Plan an Unforgettable Trip to Hyde Park, New York

Whenever I have out-of-town guests, these are some of my go-to spots to entertain in Hyde Park, New York.

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