Umm....what's that and how did it get there? I was looking on Facebook the other afternoon and a post came up that made me not only do a double-take, but is still perplexing me. The picture was posted in a local Facebook group and the people in it were trying to guess what could have caused this big nest. Here's the backstory on it:


Where is the nest located?

According to the source, the nest is located on a home in Putnam Valley, New York.  The owners are also just as confused about what it is and what it could be.

What could have created the nest?

One of the thoughts was that a bumblebee created it. However, a bumblebee usually makes a nest that is closer to the ground and this nest looks pretty high up. I've also noticed that bees' nests usually have more of a honeycomb look to them compared to this. Another thought out there is that it's just a wasp nest. Wasp nests are usually grey and can be seen hanging from branches or other platforms. In the picture, you see the nest definitely is a grey color and it's clearly hanging from something.

Maybe it's a wasp nest, but I've never seen one with that kind of long shape before. Is it a normal wasp nest? Special kind of wasp? Something else? The nest is pretty interesting and crazy to look at, but let us know on the station app what you think caused this.

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