One of the reasons I originally bought my house was because of it's beautiful gardens. The family who own my house before me planted amazing perennials that bloom every year. All in all the gardens are pretty easy to maintain as long as you keep up with the weeds. So this past weekend I ripped through my gardens to rid it of what I thought were weeds but turn out to be something people actually make into pesto. I really need a lesson in plants.

Turns out I probably had enough Garlic Mustard growing in my yard to make pesto for every Italian restaurant in the Hudson Valley. Who knew that the pesky plant that was topping all my iris was editable and refereed to as an Invasive Herb. Turn out Wild Earth knew and today on their Facebook page they shared a recipe that doesn't look half bad if you like to eat what my husband refers to as lawn clippings.

So my friends who like to eat green. Keep an eye out for this tasty invasive herb and harvest some for your next pesto dish. And heads up there are certain places you don't want to pick it from. Wild Earth suggests your check your local farm market so that you don't end up with tainted Garlic Mustard.

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