Julia Leonard wants you to know it's not her, it's her pants.

The Hudson Valley teenager shared her hilariously embarrassing story on TikTok in a video that has now been viewed over four million times. It all started when Leonard purchased a new pair of pants from Zara. She decided to wear the leather-like flared pants for the first time during a night out with her family. As they were all leaving a local restaurant, the teen noticed that her sister had dropped her phone. That's when Leonard learned of her pant's magical powers. As she bent down to pick up the phone, the pants let out a very loud and very embarrassing fart noise.

Leonard told the Daily Mail that she was able to recreate the sound every time she squatted. The 19-year-old Putnam Valley girl has since posted several more videos of her farting pants. In one, she visits a local store and bends over to pick up random objects to see the reaction from other shoppers.

If you'd like to Join Leonard's hilarious sisterhood of the farting pants, you can apparently still pick them up online. A search of the Zara website shows a similar pair on sale for $49.00. Honestly, that seems like a bargain price to pay for the endless amount of entertainment you and your friends will surely get from wearing them. According to Leonard, the pants keep on making the noise for hundreds of squats but eventually will fade as they stretch out. Fortunately, a quick wash will shrink them back down to their proper shape, tuning them back up for another squatting symphony of farts.

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