Have you started your fall clean up? Is it really possible that all of the leaves from your neighbors yard have made their way into your yard? Could the universe be working against you and actually be blowing the leaves of the entire neighborhood into your backyard? It might feel like that when the time comes for you to bag the leaves and put them together for curb-side pick up.

The City of Poughkeepsie will be picking up yard debris as they predicted for Fall 2020. One of the things not postponed by the pandemic was your need to have to take care of your yard. The City of Poughkeepsie's Department of Public Works recognizes this and will be collecting your yard refuse every Wednesday.

This program will run, as weather permits. Leaves (at this time) do need to be placed in bags. No curbside leaf pick-ups have been scheduled as of yet.

In addition to the bagged leaves, the Department of Public Works will also be picking up small branches. What is defined as a small branch? They are branches that are no thicker than three inches in diameter and that have been cut into three foot sections.

The goal with this yard clean-up pick-up? They are hoping that this will help you to get your storm drains near your property cleaned up and free of debris (and trash). The clean storm drains will help with overall drainage on your street, which is a win for you and your neighbors.

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