We will all be busy this weekend trying to enjoy the first unofficial long weekend of Summer which is falling way to early this year if you ask me. Anyway along with the small get together some of us maybe planning to have we will also be honoring our fallen heroes who have served this country. But there is an added bonus on Saturday if you are the superstitious type like me.

There is one more thing going on this weekend which may have a lot of us looking down as we travel around. This Saturday according to the National Days Calendar is National Lucky Penny Day. Every year on May 23rd we celebrate this wonderful one cent coin that use to be able to buy us a piece of candy. It still can buy a gum ball in some machines.

But Saturday isn't about what you can buy with a penny it's about what you can get if you find a penny. The old saying goes "Find a penny then pick it up. All day long you'll have good luck." That is the saying I learn as a kid but as a grown up I learn something different.

My roommate in college told me that it only works if the penny is heads up. I also learned the superstition that you should pick it up if it isn't heads up when you see it but don't keep it. Instead you are supposed to flip it over to heads and place it back down for some one else to find. So now I do that too.

I also was told that when you find a penny it means that someone in heaven is thinking of you. Get it "pennies from heaven". Can you tell I am a bit superstitious and maybe a bit gullible. I still think finding a penny means good luck will come your way but now here is what I do to insure my good fortune.

If I find a penny heads down I turn it over and place it back down for someone else to discover. And if I find a penny heads up then I pick it up and place it somewhere new, heads up of course, and leave it for some one else to find. I am paying it forward and that has made me pretty lucky everyday. Fun fact I do this with every coin I find. Cheesy I know but it makes me feel good. You should try it.

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