If you're planning on dining out at some Hudson Valley restaurants, you'll want to bring your vaccination card with you.

While New York City is requiring proof of vaccination to enter gyms, theaters, restaurants and bars, the Hudson Valley has been a bit laxer with the rules. However, due to an uptick in COVID-19 deaths in the Mid Hudson Region, some restaurants are taking it upon themselves to encourage vaccination.

If you're making reservations at a local restaurant, you may want to check their vaccination policy first. On Thursday, the Roundhouse in Beacon put new rules into effect, requiring all patrons to show proof of vaccination.

As of October 7th, all adults and children 12 and older must show proof of Covid 19 vaccination to dine in our restaurant, outdoor patio or lounge. Children under 12 that are not yet eligible for the vaccination may accompany a fully vaccinated adult.

The City Winery in Montgomery is also requiring vaccinations or proof of a negative test for indoor dining.

Indoor guests must show proof of vaccine or negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours. Masks are required when moving about our dining room, regardless of vaccination status.

One of the Hudson Valley's most acclaimed restaurants is also requiring all guests and staff to be fully vaccinated. Blue Hill at Stone Barns has the following guidelines posted on their website.

All guests 12 years and older are required to be fully vaccinated. Please be prepared to show proof of having received a COVID vaccination. Proof can include your vaccination card, a picture of the card on your phone, or a state-provided digital record. All Blue Hill and Stone Barns staff adhere to the same guidelines.

As the Hudson Valley prepares for the winter, New York State is considering the implementation of mandatory vaccine requirements for indoor activity. Many health experts expect cases to rise once again as people mingle indoors during the cold weather.

While some restaurants have decided to get ahead of the mandate and start requiring vaccinations now, others have loosened restrictions, with staff unmasked and no guidelines for customers. Local business owners and concerned customers are waiting to find out if these restaurants will be forced to put some safety precautions in place as we head into winter.

Hudson Valley Restaurants With the Most Critical Violations in 2021

Critical violations are those that can cause immediate harm to consumers such as undercooked food and improper storage of ingredients. Other violations like inadequate handwashing facilities or dirty conditions are noted as non-critical violations.

The ten restaurants below all received four or more critical violations during their latest inspection of 2021. In some cases, the restaurants were given the opportunity to correct the violations by inspectors and have done so. Just because a restaurant is on this list doesn't mean that they are currently in violation of the health code. However, the Board of Health does think it's important to be armed with information on how seriously a restaurant takes kitchen cleanliness, food safety and other important rules that affect the food you feed your family.


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