A Hudson Valley resident helped create one of the Super Bowl's most talked-about commercials.

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Michelle deMilt of Newburgh worked on the T-Mobile ad that featured Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

The ad created the story of how Shelton and Stefani's romance started. A spotty cell-phone connection caused Levine to mishear Stefani about a guy she wants to meet, causing Levine to set Stefani up with Shelton. The commercial was called one of the best commercials of this year's Super Bowl because it poked fun at the real-life engaged couple.

"My reaction to learning I was going to get to work on a Super Bowl commercial was of course excitement. It’s such a huge platform. It’s the super bowl of commercials, lol, where companies want to put their best ideas/commercials," deMilt told Hudson Valley Post in an email.

deMilt worked on the commercial as Shelton's groomer.

"I have to be most grateful to my client, Blake Shelton, for bringing me along on to these type of opportunities. It was definitely fun to see it air during the game (which to be honest I was mainly only watching for the commercials.) The next day is also fun when you see the feedback and people talking about how they enjoyed it," deMilt added.

At age 20 deMilt left New York and headed to California for a TV/Film makeup program. What was supposed to be a "temporary move" turned into a career that has seen her work with some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

She's worked on many hit TV shows including "New Girl," "Glee," "90210," "Bones," "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," and "The Voice," according to IMBD. Around 2017, she was recommended to be Shelton's groomer.

The Newburgh Free Academy graduated took part in the school's cosmetology program and got involved in the high school's plays doing hair and makeup. She believes growing up in Newburgh helped her get ready for a career dealing with some of Hollywood's elite.

"I think growing up in Newburgh helped me to gain a tough skin as it can be a tough environment. But that’s needed in my industry, so I felt prepared to deal with all kinds of people and personalities. I worked hard during my high school years both in school, school plays, and at Overtones Salon to gain the experience and education that I felt I needed to have," deMilt told Hudson Valey Post. "One thing I can strongly credit growing up in Newburgh with was the opportunities it provided me. I took the cosmo program at NFA, which resulted in me graduating with my license in addition to my diploma. I also did a stage makeup class they were offering for the first time that ended up heavily influencing my career path."

Below is the full commercial:

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