If I can offer one piece of advice over the next two weekends it would be don't buy that pumpkin yet.

You are going to be visiting Hudson Valley farm markets and other places this weekend and next where you are sure to see pumpkins for sale. If you don't believe me just check out your local grocery. Tops in New Paltz has had pumpkins for sale at an awesome price since Labor Day Weekend but whatever you do don't buy one just yet.

You can buy apples, apples cider donuts and even various locally grown squash but it is way to early to commit to your pumpkin especially if it is going to be your Halloween Jack O lantern.

Photo Credit - taylor-foss-unsplash
Photo Credit - taylor-foss-unsplash

Keep yourself distracted with the homemade pies and the cornstalks. Avoid any eye contact with anything orange. If you buy your pumpkin now one of two thing will definitely happen and you may even experience both.

The first will be that you buy a pumpkin you like this weekend but as you get closer to Halloween you will see more you like as well. Suddenly you will have more pumpkins than you know what to do with.

The next issue will be the temptation to get a head start on the carving. Take it from me any pumpkin carve earlier than the week of Halloween will just turn into a rotten mess on your porch or worse squirrel food. So this weekend if you must visit a farm market stick to the donuts, ice cream and acorn squash. Pumpkin picking is still a few week off no matter how good they look in the local produce aisle.


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