It seems everywhere you look in the Hudson Valley people are on bikes. Biking has always been a popular past time in local communities but now with all of the Rail Trail completions it seems more people than ever are taking to the bike paths. Also school will be starting back up and that means kids will be using bikes as a way to get back and forth to school.

Earlier this month the Kingston Police Department released some important information for those of us who like to bike. They have noticed an uptick in bike thefts and thought it was a good idea to release some tips on how to keep your bike safe. They offered the Tips below to help prevent you having your bike stolen. The information is direct from their Tip Sheet they posted on

* Always lock your bike, even if you are just going into a store for a minute
* When you are not riding the bike, keep it out of sight, preferably indoors.
* If you do lock it outdoors, bring it inside overnight.
* Use a U-Lock instead of a cable lock. U-Locks are solid steel and are very hard to cut.
* Always secure your bike to a bike rack or solid object. Secure both wheels and frame.
* Remember that locks are only a deterrent!
* If it can be removed, it can be stolen! Quick release tires and adjustable bicycle seats are good examples of parts that are stolen easily.
* Engrave identifying markings on anything removable to aid in recovery, but better to secure your bicycle parts so that they cannot be removed easily.
* Keep a picture of your bike and a record of your bike’s serial number - it will make it easier to identify should it be stolen.

If your bicycle is stolen report the incident to the police immediately - call 911 or 845-331-1671.

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