At my house it is referred to as liquid gold. I am talking caramel folks. The most exciting thing that can happen to a dessert. Pie, cake. ice cream or crumb everything is better with caramel drizzled on top. Drizzle by the way is important. Lumps of caramel can be chewy and ruin the caramel experience. Yes, I said experience. Caramel can be incorporated into just about everything if done right.

Caramel tastes like magic and seems like it would be hard to make but the truth is that it is super simple. It is really just sugar, cream, butter and salt if you wish. Southern Living offers a quick simple recipe or just do what I do buy it from your favorite candy store.

Caramel has really become a "hot" topping for all kinds of things now that sea salt has been added. The salt brings out a very different flavor with the sugar in the caramel. I my mine it is a very dangerous combination. The salty and the sweet together leave you wanting to eat more. It is almost as bad as a bag of potato chips if you ask me. You just can't have a hand full and be done.

If you decide to skip making caramel but are looking to do a little better than the grocery brand, check out Hudson Valley Chocolates. Caramel Apple season is upon us and I don't want you caught without the gooey goodness you will need to wrap around all those Hudson Valley grown apples.

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