What is it about the cold weather setting in that suddenly makes you crave something that you've walked by a least 30 times this summer. It happens to me every year as soon as the weather turns cold. I get that first smell of fall and suddenly I have to have caramel. Full disclosure, I have already eaten a whole bag of what Hersey's calls the Caramel Mix.

It could be something from my childhood. My Grandma would always make caramel apples for Halloween and some how I think I have tied the smell of apples with caramel. When I walk into the grocery store the first smell that hits you is coming from the local apple display with all the fresh cider. You can't drive down Hudson Valley roads right now without smelling the apples on the trees. It also doesn't help that I play golf at Apple Greens in Highland. Where ever I go right now I smell apples.

So this weekend I broke down a bought a vat of caramel. I would call it a jar but who are we kidding. I even paid extra because I wanted it to be made with real ingredients. No high fructuous corn syrup in my caramel. Now that I have my caramel I can share some great recipes with you.

If you would rather buy your caramel than try to make it checkout the HudsonValleyChocolates.com

And it wouldn't be a complete caramel conversation if we didn't include some recipes for caramel desserts. Saveur posted a list that is so decadent you should look at it until you have a caramel dessert in front of you. It includes everything from pie to popcorn.



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